Hopefully, you don't find yourself with frequent traffic violations. If you are the occasional offender, you might have a chance of fighting your ticket in court. These techniques are commonly used to fight (and win) cases of traffic violation.

1 - Challenge an Officer's Subjectivity

One of the most common techniques in traffic court is to discredit the officer who gave you the ticket. Just because an officer deemed an action unsafe does not mean that the maneuver you made was unsafe. It is merely an opinion, especially if no harm came to anybody because of it. This technique is commonly used with turns and lane changes.

2 - Claim that the Officer is Wrong

You might come to court and say that the officer's observations are not at all correct. The officer might say that you turned right without stopping at the stop sign, but you know that you did indeed come to a full and complete stop.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult techniques for winning; the cop is likely to win simply because the judge will deem them more trustworthy. You could win by bringing in a witness to testify to your version of events or to bring in photographs that might demonstrate how the wrong claim could have been made. Perhaps it would be difficult to see what you were doing from the officer's vantage point.

3 - Prove the Error was Uncontrollable

Perhaps you can prove that you had no say in the matter of breaking the law. This might be the case if you were not able to see a stop sign because it had fallen down or that you were straddling two lanes because the line dividing them was faded in the rain. If this is the strategy you intend to use, ensure that you take pictures at the scene.

4 - Show that You Were Actually Being Safe

This can be a risky argument, but it could work. Your goal is to show that you were breaking the law to avoid causing harm. For instance, maybe you sped up to 75 miles per hour in a 65 zone because you wanted to change lanes and avoid a collision with somebody merging into your lane. You might also argue that you sped up to pass a car because another driver was tailgating you.

Coming to court to fight your traffic ticket is not easy. Even those who have won their cases often don't do it alone. Hiring a lawyer, like those at Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law, to help you fight your case could be the best option, especially if you do not want to face high auto insurance rates or a point on your license.