Getting arrested for DUI can be embarrassing and might leave you at risk of jail time depending on the circumstances. Even if this is your first offense, you should do yourself a favor and strongly consider retaining legal counsel. A good DUI attorney can do a lot for you before your court date arrives and may even be able to continue assisting you after the case is put to bed. Here's why you should reach out to a local DUI lawyer today to discuss your case.

Let an Expert Deal With the Paperwork and Do the Talking While You Keep Your Mouth Shut

If this is your first time dealing with a DUI, your head might understandably still be spinning. Having a lawyer on your side can assist you in a number of ways from the get-go. If you need to file paperwork to get out on bail or move forward with fighting your case in any way, a lawyer will know exactly what to do so you can hopefully get back to your family pending trial or fight the charges to the best of your ability. Having a lawyer is also a good idea because you'll have someone to do the talking for you instead of having to open your mouth and possibly say something that is only going to make your odds of fighting the case successfully even worse.

Hire a DUI Attorney So You Can Possibly Avoid Having to Show Your Face in Court

The exact rules for your court dates might vary depending on the circumstances of your specific arrest and the laws in your specific state, but it may be possible for you to send a lawyer on your behalf for a scheduled court date, allowing you to stay out of the courtroom personally until sentencing is reached or a judge decides that you need to be there. If you are trying to keep a low profile for your career or other reasons when fighting a DUI, being able to stay out of the courtroom can be quite beneficial.

Hire a DUI Attorney to Negotiate a Lighter Sentence for Yourself or Even Get Your Record Expunged

If it's clear there will be some consequences for the DUI, an attorney can help mitigate those consequences by negotiating a lighter sentence for you. Some states may even offer programs that will lead to an expunged record following a first-time offense. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and possibly get you into a program where you might have to take a class or two or do community service, but you could end up with a clean record or at least avoid serious jail time as a result.