Sometimes people make bad decisions, and drunk driving is definitely a bad decision. However, that does not make you a terrible person; you may have just had a lapse in judgement. You may feel that all is lost and that you are going to spend a lot of time behind bars and pay some pretty hefty fees. You do not want to give up easily, however, because a DUI does affect your entire life and can have lasting consequences. Be sure that you are represented in the very best light when your court date rolls around. Here are three things to consider when hiring a defense attorney.

How Many Cases Do They Work at a Time?

Something that can be extremely frustrating is hiring a lawyer and realizing that you are one of many different cases that they have to take care of. You do not want to become a number and have communications with just paralegals. It is a good idea to talk to different law firms and see whether they limit the number of cases that they take at a time to ensure that they are able to give you and your case the time and the attention that you are paying for. 

Hands On or Hands Off?

Lawyers can take a vastly different approach once you hire them. With many lawyers, once they have the information they need, you may not see them again until court. However, there are also lawyers that walk you through every single step. Both approaches can be very effective when working on your case. You need to make sure that you hire the type of attorney that is effective but that also matches your personality the very best. This is especially important when you are working with lawyers that take a more hands-on approach.

Using the Best?

This is one time in your life where you do not want to go bargain shopping. The consequences of a DUI are serious and have heavy consequences. If you do not hire an effective lawyer, you may be faced with a long and lengthy road back. This is not just with jail time and fees; a DUI can affect employment and other aspects of your life. You are going to want to find the very best lawyer that you can. A good lawyer is going to take the burden off of your shoulders and allow you to know that your rights are being defended. 

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